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Packed Lunch Ideas

Healthy Packed Lunches

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Acorn Pre-School has been awarded a Healthy Childcare Award, part of the award is to promote healthy eating. If your child attends Acorn Pre-School all day or the afternoon session we require you to provide a healthy packed lunch for your child. Children need a well balanced diet that is packed with nutrients to help them grow and develop properly. Childhood obesity is on the rise, by giving your child a balanced diet and healthy snacks you will be teaching them good habits to carry with them into their adulthood and will also help prevent your child developing serious illnesses in the future. Acorn Pre-school recommends that you choose foods from each area of the eatwell plate (see reverse of leaflet) to ensure your child has a balanced diet. Acorn Pre-School hopes that this leaflet will provide you with helpful information regarding healthy packed lunches.

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